About BRIC

The Beirut Research and Innovation Center (BRIC) is a private non-profit research center based in Beirut, Lebanon, and is established as a department of the Lebanese Center for Studies and Research.

BRIC is:

  • A research platform, launching and conducting integrated research programs with high economic and social impact in line with national and regional priorities
  • An interface between academia, the business community and the public authorities
  • A pole of excellence attracting talented scientists
  • An intellectual hub where scholars, analysts, and researchers debate to better understand the nature of the challenges faced by our society

Currently BRIC has two divisions: one for scientific research and another for policy making and social studies.


The challenge we are facing is to transform our society from a technology consuming society to a productive knowledge-driven society that is contributing to global progress. This necessitates a long-term vision to consolidate institutional and behavioral changes in the science and technology sector and contribute to the process of transition from an industrial era to the knowledge era with Lebanese and Arab societies playing an active role. This transformation can be achieved through systematic, sincere, and open minded efforts supported by intellectual integrity and economic sustainability.

The real engine for human development is the production and acquisition of knowledge through institutional infrastructure. This is a necessary condition for wealth generation, social progress and individual achievement. One of the higher aims of BRIC is to create the conditions to restore the knowledge cycle in our region through a coordinated effort involving vital elements of the society. The aim is to mobilize a critical mass of highly motivated researchers and provide them with the environment to dedicate themselves to the advancement of knowledge.

  • Creating an environment for integrated research programs that would lead to scientific progress and useful sustainable solutions to social, economic and political challenges
  • Injecting the power of ideas and the discipline of scholarship into the restoration of the Lebanese and Arab knowledge cycle
  • Blending politics with science and technology based on ethical foundation to provide the tools for a real transformation of Lebanese and Arab societies

Our Teams




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Hassan Shwaykani

Phd Students (Current)

Title: Dielectric Material Spectroscopy

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